• How does HappyHelpers work?

    Getting a cleaning service at Happy Helpers is simple. You book a cleaner online and the staff is sent to your doorstep within a few hours. All you need to do is fill up a form and pay online or cash upon completion of the services. Click Book Now to see how simple it is.

  • How can I book a HappyHelper for my house?

    You can book a Happy Helper for your house on hourly, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Fill up this form and send us all of your requirements. A Happy Helper will be sent to your home just when and where you need.

  • Why should I use cleaners from HappyHelpers over any other services?

    The cleaners at happy helpers are constantly monitored for quality assurance. The entire procedure from booking to payment is quite simple and safe for all users. Our team ensures that all of the clients enjoy high standard cleaning and prompt service.

  • How can I talk to HappyHelpers personally?

    Our customer service representatives are always ready to help you out. To get in touch, call us at 04 3947861 or visit our contact page.

  • What are the timings to book a cleaner?

    Our cleaning services are open for you whenever you need. You can book cleaners for your home, office, school, or any other commercial place as per your convenience. The cleaning staff will be sent to you after processing your request within a few hours.

  • Can I cancel or reschedule booking??

    Definitely! We process your request within a few minutes. So, when you need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, inform us at 04 3947861 or info@happyhelpers.ae well before the cleaners arrive and the payment is made.

  • Will I be charged if I cancel a cleaning appointment?

    Please refer to Rescheduling and Cancellations in our Terms & Conditions page for more details.

  • In which areas is your service available?

    We are a Dubai based online cleaning service agency. If you want to find cleaners near you, enter your location details here

  • WHat happens to the personal information I share on your website?

    The information you share is used to complete your job. It is kept private and used by authorized personnel only. We maintain a data of our clients to ensure high-quality services are offered anytime.


  • Do the cleaners bring their own equipment?

    No, In case if you need the cleaning material, you can add cleaning supplies to your booking for an extra charge of 10 AED per hour.

  • Should I be available during my cleaning appointment?

    This is entirely up to you. It is recommend that you are there at least for your first booking. This allows for any questions to be answered and specific requirements communicated directly with your Helper.

  • Which areas do you clean?

    Our cleaning staff will clean each corner that is accessible. Windows, lightings, floor, staircases, furniture, and slabs are cleaned as per your requirements.

    We do not allow the cleaners to lift heavy boxes or furniture to avoid any physical strain.

  • Will the cleaner be OK with my pets?

    The cleaning staff is interviewed before being sent on the job. If you have pets at home, you can tell us and we will ask them if they are comfortable working with your loving pets around. We ensure that a housekeeper who is most suitable to work for you is sent at your place.

  • What is not included in your cleaning service?

    Our housekeepers are trained to clean homes, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and event hosting areas. They reach out for the dirt and clean every corner in their reach. There are certain jobs they cannot attempt, including the following:

    • Lifting heavy furniture.
    • Cleaning pet litter.
    • Mow the garden/lawn.
    • Deep clean service or stain removal.
    • Wash/steam carpet.
    • Fumigation/ Pest control.


  • Which payment modes do you offer?

    Happy Helpers currently accepts online credit or debit payments via Paytabs.

  • What are your standard rates?

    The prices at Happy Helpers are determined on hourly basis with no hidden charges.

  • Is online payment method safe and secure?

    Our payment method is completely secured and managed via trusted authorities. For complaints, please call on 04 394 7861.

For further details and booking, call us at 04 3947861 or visit our contact us page today.