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Frequently Asked Questions

What services can I get from happy helpers?

We offer housekeeping, babysitting, nannies, Friday services, hiring solutions and kids’ companions’ services in Dubai UAE.

What can I book your services for?

You can book our services for your house, your office, corporate or your travel and hotel needs. Visit our services for more details.

In which areas do you offer your services?

Happy Helpers is based in Dubai. If you would like to hire our services out side of Dubai, please chat with the customer care team.

How do I book your services?

It is easy. Our services can be booked over the phone, through WhatsApp or online. After booking, the service will be provided to you in less than 1 hour.

What if I want a recurring service?

We offer hourly, weekly and monthly services. The booking can be one-off or recurring.

Why should I choose you over other services providers?

All our Babysitters, Housekeepers, and Nannies are fully trained and experienced professionals and therefore you can be assured of top-notch services from the Happy Helper Team.

Can I reach you directly?

Absolutely! We have a team of the customer support team who are always ready to attend to any of your inquiries. Call us today on 0505277861 | 04 3947861 | 0549984111 or visit our contact page.

What is the best time to book the services?

We work from 8 AM to 6 PM but we are capable of offering 24/7 services as per your requirement just give us a call.

Can I cancel or reschedule a booking?

Absolutely! If you choose to reschedule, we shall process your request within few minutes. Inform us immediately by calling 04 3947861 or send us an email at before the payment is made or before our helpers arrive at your location.

Will I be charged to reschedule or cancel a booking?

Refer to our Rescheduling and Cancelations policies in our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Is my personal information safe with you?

All the information that you share with us while booking our services is kept private and is only used by authorized personals only. We maintain data of our customers in order to ensure quality service delivery at all times. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Why choose happy helpers over other services providers?

The team at Happy Helpers are continuously trained and monitored for quality assurance and this ensures that we offer high standards services. We provide transparent, safe, and fast services from bookings to payments.

Who does a happy helper contract to offer services?

All our housekeeping, babysitting and nanny services are provided by trained professionals who are fully insured and trained in adhering to greatest standards, latest trends and techniques in the market today.

Should I be available during the appointments?

This totally depends on your preference and the type of services you book from us. We, however, recommend that you are available at least for your first booking. This will help us to build trust and confidence in the services.

Will I get the same helper in my consequent booking?

We will try to connect you with your favorite helper unless they are occupied somewhere else. We can assure you that all our helpers are the best.


Payments FAQs

How do I pay for the services?

All the payments are paid 100% in advance. We offer flexibility by offering the following payment methods:

  • Online Credit Cards
  • Paytabs
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

What are the charges?

Our prices at Happy Helpers depend on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. There are no hidden charges.

How safe is the online payment method?

Our online payment is highly encrypted and managed by trusted authorities.

How is the refund?

In case of cancellation, a refund will be processed within 7 days and refunded via the original mode of payment. Please refer to our Cancellation and Refunds policy for more details.


Housekeeping FAQs

What compare you with another housekeeping company?

Our housekeeping services are offered by highly trained and professional Helpers who ensure that they maintain the highest standards and the latest practices in the industry. We also use quality cleaning tools and cleaning agents to do perfect work.

Where do you offer housekeeping services?

Whether it is your home, your office, corporate, or any other place you want to be cleaned? Our Happy Helpers will be there to assist you.

Do I need to be there during housekeeping?

It is not a must; in fact, most of our customers are not at home when we do the housekeeping. As long as you offer us access to your home, our trustworthy Helpers will do a great work.

Do I Provide supplies for housekeeping?

Yes, please check the price with the customer care team. However, if you provide all the housekeeping supplies and tools that we need to get the job done, we shall use exactly that.

What about Pets?

We love pets! However, we prefer that you have your dog kenneled. We can also have special arrangements during the consultation.

What is not covered in the housekeeping service?

  • Moving heavy furniture
  • Washing or steaming the carpet
  • Pest control or fumigation
  • Stain removal or deep clean services
  • Mow the lawn or garden
  • Cleaning pet products


Babysitting FAQs

Will I get a qualified, good and safe sitter?

Absolutely! All our sitters love children and work adhering to the latest standards in the industry. They undergo rigorous training, background checks, personal interview, and personality checks.

Will I know the details of my sitter before the appointment?

Yes. Once the sitter is chosen, we will send relevant information and or ID about them so that you will get some information about them and recognize them once they arrive.

When can I book my sitter?

Anytime! However, our regular working time is from 8 AM to 6 PM and we recommend booking at this time, we encourage early notice so that we can have time to meet your babysitting needs.

Can I book the same sitter every time?

We will ensure that we match you with the sitter that you prefer. Let us know during the consultation.

Which places can I get a sitter for?

You can get a sitter for home, hotel or an event you are attending. We also offer a companion services for your kids when you are travelling and the kids need to be taken care at home.

What can the sitter not do?

Our sitters will not do laundry, will not clean, make deliveries, or give medications.


Nannies FAQs

Do you screen your nannies?

All our Happy Helpers nannies are sourced from a pool of candidates who undergo a meticulous screening process. This includes background checks and testing at the individual level.

Will you have the same nanny every time?

If you prefer to have the same nanny every time, we shall organize that for you during the consultation.

What can't my nanny do?

Childcare is the sole responsibility of our Happy Helpers Nannies, therefore, they will perform all roles under the childcare umbrella as per the T&C’s provided at the time of booking.

Can I book a nanny for a week or a weekend?

Absolutely! Our nannies services are available at your convenience; call us today for more information and consultation.

Will I offer meals for my nanny?

If the booking is for a Live-in nanny, the client has to provide their meals because they will be spending few days and are not allowed to go out during their live-in duty.


Other Services FAQs

What other services can I get from Happy Helpers?

At Happy Helpers, we offer additional services such as:

  • Friday services
  • Night services
  • Hiring solutions,

Assistance / Companion services for:

  • New moms
  • Business & event visitors
  • Dubai visitors
  • Hospital assistance
  • Kids & teen companion

Refer to our Services Page for more details about our services.

Can I request a special service?

Contact us today on 0505277861 | 04 3947861 | 0549984111 or visit our contact page and we shall be happy to help you.


Do you still have more questions? Call us today on 0505277861 | 04 3947861 | 0549984111 or visit our contact us page for more details.